The Rolfing® SI Experience

What to expect for a first session:


Before the first session begins, I have my clients fill out a medical questionnaire form. This informs me of past injuries, illnesses, surgeries, and any other factors that could contribute to each client’s needs and goals. The clients will bring these to the office and we will have a consultation explaining the Rolfing and Laser work, and how it is incorporated into our work.

We will exam different structural patterns of your body to determine where there is pain, limited movement and any areas of concern. I will have my clients walk and move to see how things are affected differently in standing, sitting and movement. This gives me tools I need to address the overall strain and misalignment patterns causing the restrictions, and/or pain.

At this time we will also do a series of balance and nerve tests to determine how the brain, spine and nerve signaling is being affected by or causing the soft tissue strain patterns. This allows us to make more permanent changes to the structure.

Body Work:
During this portion of the session, I work to reduce nerve inflammation and free the restricted soft tissue in the structures discussed during the consultation. I may have my clients move during the portion to test range of motion, pain level, and help me see where the soft tissue restrictions are occurring.

Muscle Response Strength Testing (MSRT):
We reduce the nerve inflammation and free the soft tissue restrictions to help the joints realign to their neutral state. We then use the laser to “re-energize” the nerves around the affected area to create stability in the joint. Once the joint is in its neutral pattern, it can be used to function better.